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Robbi’s Story

Robbi had a traumatic experience with a school dentist as a child which had left her with a severe dental phobia that was affecting her life and health. She persevered with stressful visits to the dentist and required gas and air for check-ups and cleaning, any work needed had to be done under general anaesthetic.

Robbi was finding that each visit was worsening as the gas and air had less of a sedative effect and she was told by the dentist that she fought and struggled under sedation which left her feeling out of control and embarrassed. She felt the time had come to seek help to overcome her phobia.

The initial hypnotherapy session helped Robbi to relax and de-sensitise the triggers of her phobia to prepare her for her first visit to the dentist without sedation where she received a check up and had x-rays taken, She explained to the dentist that she was receiving hypnotherapy. It was agreed that the dentist would turn on the drill and other machines so that she could become more familiar with the sound.

The third hypnotherapy session was arranged for the day before her next dentist appointment where an injection and a deep clean would be done. Robbi was given an audio recording to help her whilst in the dentist’s chair. She induced a level of self hypnosis during the procedure, achieving the same effect as gas and air, this time She remained in control throughout making the experience better not just for herself but for the dentist too!

At the 4th and final session we revisited her fear, she explained that it had gone from being huge to now having the image of a shrunken walnut that she was then able to throw away whist in hypnosis. She had an appointment with the dentist the next day and Read how Robbi describes her experience:

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Mrs J.

"After feeling I had less and less confidence over the last few years I started to feel as though I could become agoraphobic due to a problem neighbour. Tracey listened to my problems in a kind and considerate way, her voice is very soothing and she gently talks to you when you are in a very relaxed state. After the first session, I felt so much more positive about my problems and by the third session we had tackled different ways of looking at my problems. I feel so much better and confident that by using the techniques she has shown me I can re-enforce and build on my increased confidence. To sum it up, I now feel great and would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone."


"“I initially approached Tracey to help me reduce my reliance on alcohol which I was using to help me with a very stressful situation. I was feeling tired all the time, lacking in energy and motivation, and as though I wasn’t in control. Even after my first of 4 sessions, I felt much more energised, positive and back in the driving seat. Each time we looked at different aspects of me and I can honestly say that I feel like I’ve got my mojo back and that I am now able to deal with my stressful situation in a more balanced and positive way , which has been hugely beneficial. I was given some useful ‘tools‘ I can work with on my own too. I found the whole experience very liberating, insightful and of course incredibly useful. Thank you Tracey!"